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  1. Island Lake Report

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    Thanks to John for this report on his latest trip.
    Hottest day of the year so far, and the carp were floating lazily around on top when I arrived at 10am.
    I had a good walk round looking for signs of feeding fish, but they all seemed to be just floating around basking.  I saw a couple of real lumps in one shady little spot, one of which was easily bigger than the 23 I had in May, so a potential new lake record just waiting to be caught.
    I eventually set up in peg one as I have had so much success here before, and nothing seemed to suggest any other peg would be better.
    i was using home made boilies and pop-ups, so was really hoping for a fish as I've never caught on home made bait beofre.
    i had 3 fish, a 14.04, a 16.08 and a smaller fish of around 10lb which I didnt weigh, all on my home made pop-ups fished on a 'naked' chod
    Unfortunately my session was cut short by a call from Mrs M who was having car trouble, but as the afternoon wore on, it got hotter and hotter, and the carp got more and more torpid. I'm pretty sure they are going to spawn this week, so I'll leave it alone for a week or two before I come back to try for that big 'un I spotted.
  2. T1 & T2 - latest

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    Last weekend saw Keith and Jamie do 36 hours on T1 to share a catch of 5 stockies to upper doubles and 11 tench to 9lb 12oz, as well as Martin banking the pig as per previous blog. This weekend Dean did a quick overnighter to land 3 mirrors to 18lb 10oz and witness a sunrise. I also have a picture of one of the original "cricket bat"commons, caught earlier in the month, at 13lb 10oz from Ed.

    20130524_11161313lb 10oz 0513


    The lads on Theale 2 got amongst the fish again with several mid twenties out, meaningthere have been 7 twenties that I know of in the last couple of weeks along with a few doubles.

  3. Island Lake Report

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    Glen and David fished Island Lake and have kindly sent in this report.

    Hi there , thanks for having the pleasure of fishing the Irland lake a few weeks ago now. myself and david read had a great day on the monday which was the bank holiday . In total we had 150 Ibs worth of fish in the day . All fish where cought on strawbury boileys and method mix. fish sizes where 18.2 , 15.4, 15.0, two 14.0 and the rest where 8 to 10 pound.

  4. Island Lake PB - 23lb 10oz Mirror

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    The latest report from JM with a new PB

    There was a strong westerly blowing, pushing into the end bay, so I fished peg 1
    Had my first fish at about noon. A nice hard fighting fish of 15.08.
    Second run came at about 12.55. A very powerful fish which, for quite a while, I thought I had foul hooked it as I really couldn't do much with it, and every time it came close in, it just set off running, stripping line from the clutch.
    After about 20 mins, I had it beaten, and got the net under it. It was hooked cleanly and firmly in the bottom lip.
    As I rested it in the net, I started to wobble a bit as it was clearly bigger than any carp I had ever caught, and I started to wonder if I might have my first 20. I set up the camera, and got the unhooking mat and sling ready, then dismantled the net and lifted it ashore. I knew straight away as I lifted that it was over 20.
    23lb 10oz, a new pb, 
    I had another fish at 4pm-ish, which went 16.03.
    The wind was picking up, and the constant rain showers, made up my mind to pack up early and head home, but as I got the first rod away, I started to get a few bleeps on the left hand rod ( all the fish had come to this rod). I decided to just give that rod another 10 mins, keeping my eye on a big black cloud heading in.
    A few more bleeps and lifts and away it went, but I struck into nothing. I reeled in, and the pop-up was gorn, so the fish had 'got away with it' 
    Its worth noting, that over the last 3 weeks, I've had 17 carp from Island lake and nearly every one has taken a white pop-up, even though the second rod has had something different on. 3 different swims, and every time, the white pop-up out-scores anything else. I'm keeping the 'flavour' to myself though, that will be my little 'edge'
    Thats it really. very very pleased with the session. 3 fish, all over 15, and a new pb. whats not to like.
    23.1015.08 (2)16.03(4)
    Congratulations John on a new PB.