Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My sat nav has taken me to Theale Lakes Business Park. Where  are you? 

A. RG7 4AT is the nearest postcode but as we have no buildings sat nav doesn't recognise the site. If you are facing out onto the roundabout from the Business Park turn left and travel about 250 yards down the road where you will find our signs and entrance on your left.  

Q. Can I buy day tickets on the bank ?  

A. No, all tickets must be booked in advance on this site or by post from Theale Fisheries correspondence address on the contact us page..This is to prevent overcrowding.  

Q. Do you offer concessions ?

A. No sorry, as we limit numbers we do not offer concessions. However two junior anglers may use one rod each in the same swim on the purchase of one day ticket as long as they are under adult supervision if aged under 16, or a parental consent has been filled if they are 16 - 18 years old.  

Q. Can I get a day ticket on Theale 1 ?

A. No Theale 1 is on a syndicate membership only.  

Q. Why can't I use luncheon meat ?

A. Because of its very high high oil content and the fact that it does not readily break down. Large quantities of high oil baits are not good for water quality; which is why we also ban high oil pellets.  

Q. What time can I start fishing on a day ticket ?

A. Day tickets are from 7am till 7pm and night tickets are 7pm till 7am . We allow a maximum of a one hour period before tickets start or after tickets finish for you to look round / set-up or pack away (drying time); this is not fishing time and rods should not be in the water. Should you wish to be on the Fishery before or after these times you will need to purchase additional tickets.

Q. Why are peanuts banned ?

A. Because some nuts may contain the Aflotoxin Fungus which can kill fish. We cannot distinguish these so it is safer to ban all peanuts on the grounds of fish welfare  

Q. When are you open ?

A. Day and night tickets can be pre-booked on Island Lake 365 days a year (subject to availability).  

Q. Why does my bank statement show PayPal *THAMESVALLE when I buy a ticket ?

A. Theale Fisheries and Thames Valley Aquatics are both trading names for Mr D. Fulton.