Island Lake - Additional Rules & Ammendments



                                                                                         COVID-19 SPECIFIC ADDITIONAL RULES AND AMMENDMENTS

  1. Anyone with any symptoms of Covid-19 (however mild) or who should be self-isolating in accordance with Government Guidelines must not visit the Fishery for the relevant period. Anyone who develops symptoms on the bank must leave immediately.
  2. All anglers must bring and use their own hand sanitiser when using gates, locks and door handles. If you use wipes rather than gel these must not be discarded and must be taken home with your rubbish.
  3. Social distancing according to Government Guidelines must be observed at all times on Theale Fisheries property, including the car park.
  4. Swims 3 and 5 are temporarily closed, unless two people from the same household wish to fish next to each other. You may not fish these swims next to anyone else from a different household.
  5. Junior anglers can only be accompanied by an adult from the same household.
  6. No sharing of equipment (for example you must land your own fish and not allow someone else to pick up your net and help you).
  7. Bailiffs will still be carrying out rig checks. You will have to wind in, put the rod down and step back to allow them to take a look whilst maintaining social distancing.
  8. Bailiffs will still be carrying out ticket checks. You must still bring your Website Order Notification and will have to provide your name and transaction reference.




  1. All landing nets, unhooking mats, weigh slings and water buckets must be disinfected in the 'dip' tank BEFORE entering onto the Lake in accordance with the instructions provided at the 'dip' tank station. All single use gloves (and only gloves) must be placed in the glove bin after use and the lid securely replaced.
  2. No 'retainers', carp sacks or keepnets are allowed on the fishery
  3. Maximum two rods allowed.
  4. Anglers must only occupy and / or fish one swim at any given time. Fishing is only allowed from constructed swims.
  5. Stage stands are prohibited.
  6. No pole fishing or fly fishing.
  7. No bait boats.
  8. No luncheon-meat. No nuts.
  9. No pike fishing, lure fishing or spinning. 
  10. No non-fishing guests
  11. All 'Otter Fence' gates must be kep securely closed at all times.


Junior Anglers

Junior anglers, under 18, are welcome but under 16's MUST be accompanied by an adult (COVID-19 update. From the same household) over 18.This may be a day ticket holder who must occupy the same or immediately adjacent swim or a non-fishing supervisor who is entirely responsible for the conduct, welfare and safety of the junior. Two juniors may fish with one rod each in the same swim with the purchase of one day ticket. Non-fishing adults in a supervisory capacity do not need to purchase a guest ticket but are required to fill in an accompanying adult form and will be bound by Theale Fisheries terms and conditions, rules and codes of conduct.

Competent junior anglers aged 16 - 18 may fish unaccompanied during daylight hours up to sunset but only after a parental consent form has been returned.

Competent junior anglers aged 16 - 18 may fish at night but only when accompanied by an adult ticket holder (COVID-19 update. From the same household) who is entirely responsible for the conduct, welfare and safety of the junior. Competent juniors must fish the same or or immediately adjacent swim.