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  1. The first private booking of Island lake for the year was a successful trip for the five anglers involved who between them banked 11 carp between 16lb 5oz and 25lb 4oz with six over the 20lb mark including the 'Big Fully' at 24lb 10oz as a new PB for Danny. Thanks to Danny for his comprehensive feedback report .

    24lb 10oz 22lb 4oz 21lb 25lb 4oz 22lb 5oz 22lb 19lb 8oz 16lb 5oz

  2. Another hard won Island Lake fish from a 48hr session during week. Brian fished small pva bag tactics with a single grain of corn as hookbait to catch this one at 18lb which is one of the slower growers amongst our original 'stockies' going in at 6lb 8oz in December 12.

    #27 18lb

  3. With the temperature and sunlight decreasing the water is clearing and the fishing becoming harder at the moment. That said the private group booking Island Lake at the start of this week managed to bank 12 fish up to 27lb 6oz between the five of them in 48 hours; however as is often the case with Island one angler banked six of those fish. Thanks to Jake for the report.

    20201021_05394820201020_161245 20201018_11431520201021_091004 20201020_135546IMG_20201019_112154_332

  4. Thanks to Dan for two reports from mid September with a couple of Island Lakes most sought after fish.

    25lb 4oz IL In mid September Dan banked the largest of the fully's at 25lb 4oz as part of a five fish catch with four other doubles and then returned a week later to bank a new Island Lake Pb in the shape of this 29lb 4oz mirror.

    29lb 4oz IL