Fish Welfare Rules

  1. All fish caught must be returned to the lake they were caught from. No fish may be moved, killed or taken.
  2. All anglers must have and use large knotless mesh landing nets and large padded unhooking mats for all fish. Carp-sacks and keep-nets are prohibited.
  3. All landing nets, weigh slings, unhooking mats and fish retainers must be throughly clean and totally dry on entry to Theale Fisheries property.
  4. No permenantly fixed lead rigs. All leads MUST detach under pressure or be able to freely pass over knots.
  5. Micro-barbed hooks only. No barbless hooks and no fully barbed sea hooks.
  6. Rigs, Single hook rigs only. Double hook set-ups, bent-hook rigs, trig-hammer and long curve-shank hooks, stainless steel hooks, double hooks and treble hooks are expressly forbidden. The Twig-Rig is prohibited under Thames Area By Laws.
  7. Mainline. No braided main line, except on spod and marker rods. Nylon, fluorocarbon or co-polymer mainline must be a minimum of 0.35mm diameter.
  8. Tubing only. No lead-core. No leaders. When fishing the 'naked chod' or 'helicopter' style rigs it is permissible for the bottom 4" (maximum) to be stripped-out leadcore sleeve or braid as long as beads and swivels can freely pass over the join
  9. Hooklinks. No uncoated braid hooklinks other than Korda Dark Matterin 30lb BS or 12-Core in 30lb BS. Coated braid is banned in any form other than a complete un-broken hooklength; it is not permissible to break it or strip it back to form hinges or simple combi or multi rigs and these must be tied up using either of the above permitted braids. Any damaged or abraided coated hook-links must be change immediately.
  10. No artificial baits what so ever (including zig rigs or tipping food baits). No maggot rings.
  11. No NUTS in any form (including in bird and spod mixes).This does include peanuts and tiger nuts. Boilies containing nut flours are permissible. All other seeds, peas and beans must be properly prepared and cooked and USED IN MODERATION.
  12. Fish may only be retained in a landing net or retainer for a very short period of time to arrange photography and they must not be retained at night simply for photography in daylight. Fish must be weighed and photographed before rods are re-cast to ensure maximum control.
  13. Fish must never be left un-attended on the mat at any time and must be kept wet at all times. Fish must be held low over the mat; anglers must not stand up with them. Fish must not be carried unsupported, use a landing net, weigh sling or zip mat.
  14. In the event of a multiple take only one fish may be placed on the mat at one time. To ensure full control the other must be left in the landing net in the water until the first has been released.
  15. You are encouraged to treat any hook holds and other damage with a proprietory antiseptic but care must be taken to avoid the gills and eyes.
  16. No deliberate foul hooking. Any angler observed in breach of this will have their ticket withdrawn immediately. 
  17. No rods with baited hooks to be left unattended either in or out of the water.
  18. Rig Checks. Theale Fisheries reserves the right for bailiffs to check rigs and / or baits even if this requires anglers to reel in.  
  19. Any badly damaged, diseased or dead fish must be reported to Theale Fisheries immediately.