Theale Fisheries Site Rules

  1. All gates must be closed and locked (as appropriate) immediately after entry / exit. Gate codes must not be disclosed to any third party.
  2. Cars and vans must be parked in the car park only and in such a way as to not obstruct access to any gateway. Lorries and caravans are not permitted on Theale Fisheries property.
  3. Theale Fisheries (including bailiffs or agent of) reserves the right to internally inspect any vehicle parked on its property.
  4. No fish, fish eggs, fish fry or aquatic vegetation to be brought onto Theale Fisheries property under any circumstance.
  5. No dogs allowed on Theale Fisheries property at any time.
  6. A serviced chemical toilet is provided in the day ticket car park; use it. Anyone found defecating in the bushes or leaving bags of faeces will be banned for life. Plastic bags of any description or content MUST NOT be put in the toilet.
  7. No litter, discarded line or rigs, bottles or cans. Tea bags and cigarette butts count as litter. Anglers are responsible for the removal of all litter found in their swim regardless of who left it. Take your rubbish home and LEAVE THE FISHERY CLEAN AND TIDY. 
  8. No swims to be altered or vegetation cut or damaged. No vandalism or any act that may cause pollution. Fishing from recognised swims only.
  9. No tree climbing, boating or other water-bourne craft, swimming, wading or walking on ice under any circumstance.
  10. No distruction of any nests, removal of any eggs or interference with any water-fowl or other wildlife.
  11. No drones.
  12. No generators, fires, barbecues, lasers or fireworks.
  13. No Guns, bows, knives or any other offensive weapons. Knives for eating utensils and / or multi-tool fishing equipment are allowed. Offenders will be reported to the police.
  14. No drugs, solvent abuse or alcohol. Bailiffs are authorised to confiscate the ticket of any syndicate member or day ticket holder considered to be endangering their own or any other persons safety by being under the influence.
  15. Any angler displaying agressive, abusive or threatening behaviour towards fellow anglers, bailiffs, staff, neighbours or members of the public on Theale Fisheries property will have their ticket suspended or withdrawn with immediate effect and may be reported to the police.
  16. No pole fishing or fly fishing on any lake.
  17. Anglers must only occupy and / or fish one swim at any given time. Fishing is only allowed from constructed swims.
  18. Stage stands are prohibited.
  19. Anglers must only fish in their 'own' water. Anyone fishing across swims or more than half-way must reel back without question if another angler turns up to fish that swim.
  20. Anglers may not reserve swims for themselves or other anglers.
  21. Discrete  or recognised bivvy or brolly systems only - no general camping equipment.
  22. Bite alarms and any other audio-visual equipment must be kept at low volume to avoid annoyance to other anglers.
  23. Anglers must not use continuously burning bright lights but may use shaded bivvy lights. Torch use must be kept to a minimum.
  24. Current Environment Agency rod licences are required before fishing and anglers must comply with the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act 1975 (including any statutory modification or re-enactment thereof) and relevant regional by laws.