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Category: Catch Report

  1. Island Lake 20lb Fully

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    The story: I took my Dad fishing on his birthday to test out some new gear I had bought him.
    It was the first time we have been to Theale fisheries and it was fantastic! From the moment we
    got there fish were leaping around all over the place; it was time for a zig. Yellow and white
    was the order of the day, with boilies drip fed into the swim. After a morning of watching my
    dad catch roach, perch, a 15lb carp and even a nice tench!, I was a bit frustrated. The decision
    was made to move from peg 10 to peg 23. As I began to pack up my gear I had a couple of bleeps
    on the rod, then nothing. I began to wind in to encounter some resistance. A fish was on! After
    a lengthy battle the fish surrendered, having given a very good account of itself. A lovely
    fully scaled mirror, 20lb on the dot! What a great start. I decided to move anyway and then
    proceeded to catch another 5 doubles from peg 23 on a snowman bottom bait (2/3 of a 15mm
    mainline banoffee boile with 1/3 of a tutti frutti pop up critically balancing the rig, just
    enough so it sat just off the bottom). The fishing was great and in a lovely setting. We will
    be returning this weekend in search of another 20+lb fish!
    Here is the picture of the 20lb full scaled mirror, a beauty!


  2. Island Lake Latest Reports

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    This was my third time fishing at theale after being introduced to the fishery by my good friend stuart pratt. we fished the main bank by the island stu was on the right and myself to the left and it started well for stu having two fish within half an hour a 15lb and a 18.5lb catching early on as he always does, and that was pretty much where it ended for him!!!
    I then started to catch and soon we were level pegging at two a piece with a couple of low doubles and then the rods never really stopped screaming off all night for me!!! with stu losing a couple of big fish down to the right hand margin it could of been a better night for both of us, but it wasnt to be for him this week as i had a 19lb mirror and various 15lb to 16lb fish through the night with the largest being a 25lb mirror which was my lake best so far beating the 21lb biggest i had caught previously.
    We went into the next morning and the action for me carried on while all stu could do was look on and ask himself why had he not picked the left hand side swim as he arrived half an hour before me!!!
    We fished up until 2pm when we called it a day, with me landing the ghost common which we weighed in at 16lb although we thought it looked bigger and it gave a tremendous fight falling from the corner of the island and being right out in the middle of the lake within seconds.

    il 25lb 914
    Anyway i finished on 12 fish in total with stu managing another fish and finishing with three which he was gutted about as he always catches at least ten fish each time he visits so it was nice to beat him for once!! cant wait for the next visit.

    Other recent returns reported have been;

    14 fish to 18lb, 12 fish to 24lb and 4 fish to 20lb from today as well as a mixed bag of roach, perch, skimmers, rudd, tench and a carp on the float.

  3. Island Lake Reports

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    Thanks to Scott and Mike for these latest reports

    picture as promised of Nathan with the ghost common which we weighed in a 18lb 8oz,
    caught on the day of the storm, we fished for 36 hours and had around 40 fish between us.

    This fish had heeled cuts all over it, looked like it had been picking fights with
    bricks most of it's life, it was healthy however we called it scarface, it fought like mad.


    First fish caught within 30 mins from the Island Lake, 19lb 8oz 'fully'

    fully scaled mirror 19.8lb

  4. Island Lake Update

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    Latest report from Island Lake.

    Fish Weight: 19lb 12ozs

    The story: My new PB on my first visit to the island lake. Also caught 5 other mirrors on this
    visit all double figure fish.


    Numerous multiple catches this week but notably 9 fish to 18lb, 16 fish to 22lb and 12 fish to
    24lb 7oz as well as another Pb caught at 23lb 8oz.