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Category: Catch Report

  1. Islland Lake Latest

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    Thanks to Jaimi and Scott for these latest reports.
    Hi Dave, sorry it's taken a while to get over to you but I thought I'd send through the info of the session we did at Island Lake on 18th/19th June.
    Jared and I arrived in the evening to find pretty much all the fish basking in the sun. We put out floating pellet, got them feeding on it and set up a floater rod. Straight away I hooked into what looked like an upper-double common only have a hook pull at the net; gutted! I did eventually manage a lovely looking low double off the top and was pleased to get my first fish of the session under my belt.
    We eventually set up in the 'point swim' and from about midnight had a fish virtually every hour through the night, my best being a 20.05 mirror and a cracking 16.10 common.
    The next day was a scorcher and action was pretty slow on either the bottom or surface but we did manage a couple more with Jared bagging the best, which was a really hard-fighting mirror weighing 24.15.
    The bigger fish came to the margin rods with just a few 'freebies' over the hookbait.
    Great session and look forward to the next time!
    The story: Island lake is still producing the goods even though it is hot and it is not
    that long since they spawned.

    I went along on a 24 hour to test some new rigs and some home made bait.

    Within 2 hours I caught what I think was the fish of the session a leathery 17lb 10oz carp.

    Throughthe night I blanked until 5am when I had another leathery carp at 16lb oz,
    you wait 18 months to catch an island leathery and two come along at once !

    The day was busy with catches of another 5 decent carp weighing 10lb 4, 12lb 10,
    14lb 10,16lb dead and a fat scaley which went 18lb 2oz.

    At 5:30pm I felt a bit hot and tired so packed up and headed home for a shower,
    all in all though a great session, I left happy once again, it's good to see the
    hedges trimmed back around the lake and the toilet is really handy too.
  2. Latest Island Lake Report

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    Thanks to Scott for the latest from Island Lake.

    We arrived at the lake and had a walk round, it was immediately apparent that as there were fish showing and crashing all over the place, there were no advantageous points at which to start.

    During the first part of the Day James had a fair few fish including, unusually, three bream, his best fish was a mirror carp weighing 20lb 4oz, a nice fish. I lost one and landed a mirror at around the 13lb mark.

    We were standing by the rods at around 5:30 trying to estimate when the next bite time would be when my right hand alarm lit up like it was signalling judgement day. As I lifted the rod I knew straight away this was a bigger fish as she headed out even further into the open water with slow but steady and powerful force.She doubled back in an arc shape and headed directly for a known snag to my right, I managed to steer her clear of that only to see her bolt towards another one.My heart was pumping a bit by now as it was obvious that this was a very clued up fish with an excellent geographical knowledge of the lake and I now believed I had something bigger than an upper double on the end.After 15 minutes or so of careful play I managed to get her into the net. The fish was in mint condition and looked very healthy, it was still protesting in the cradle even after all that fighting. This was to be the biggest of the session at 24lb 12oz.

    An hour later the other rod shot off and in came an 18lb 7oz mirror, a real stunner of a fish with a
    huge frame.At 1:00 in the morning the left rod went again and I was rewarded with a 19lb mirror, again
    a lovely fish in mint condition.

    All in all it was a great session and one which I will remember for a long time. Memories of this have kept me in good spirits all week.


  3. Island Lake '25'

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    2015-04-11 14.20.30-1 mirror 25lb


    After a morning of fish showing and two fish on the bank the whole lake had seemed to just shut off. The sun was high and there was not a sign of fish anywhere. The hours went by sat behind still rods so I pulled them both in and went on a wander to see what I could find. A few swims down from me to my left I found a small group of fish holding up off a reed bed. I watched them for a while playing, cruising and rolling about in the margin and made sure they were not just passing through, once I was happy I went back to my swim and set up a 2 foot zig with a sharp Excalibur c440 hook. I checked the hook and double checked the knots then I was back in business. With two casts the rod was out on the spot and I was happy. It had only been in the water for about 20 minutes when the bobbin dropped back and hit the deck, I was in. I grabbed the rod and reeled down as fast as I could and felt a powerful kick. I had contact with what felt like a heavy fish but she was still fighting hard.  I would get her close to the net then she would power off stripping line back to the depths, twisting and turning in the crystal clear water.  After an epic battle that felt like forever I managed to slip the net under stunning 25lb Mirror. What a session to remember.