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Category: Catch Report

  1. Island Lake PB for Connor

    Posted on

    Connor and his Dad fished Island Lake over the weekend to take eight fish topped by this 15lb 6oz PB for Connor.

    theale mirror 15lb 6oz

    "Fishing the island lake for the first time I fished using a pop
    up rig with an orange boiley over particles to 2 spots around the island.
    First fish was a mirror at 7lb 7oz then quickly followed by my biggest
    fish yet at 15lb 6oz on the same spot. 2 more fish followed with a lovely
    looking common at 12lb 6oz then another mirror at 7lb 9oz to finish my day."
  2. Island Lake - 15 takes in 9 hours

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    The fish are starting to respond to the warmer weather with James getting amongst them on Island Lake.

    image(3)15lb mirror17lb fully scalled19lb mirror6lb tench

    The story: Came to the island lake for a cheeky day session on Tuesday. I
    was fishing over a large bed of boilies and managed 15 takes in 9 hours.
    11 fish were landed including 9 carp from 8lb-19lb and two tench at 5lb &
    6lb! A very enjoyable day! They do love a bit of bait! Lol!
  3. Island Lake - 5 doubles and a Twenty

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    Paul did an overnighter on Island Lake and managed 5 doubles from 15 - 18lb and a 24lb 12oz mirror


     "Got down the lake at 7sh in the evening started fishing about
    7.30 by about 10 oclock my right hand rod rip off caught a 15lb 4oz mirror
    so a good start i was thinking so i try to getting my head down for a few
    hours but that didnt happen from 1oclock till 4 i had 4 more which were
    avg 15lb to 18lb at 4.30 my left rod rip off caught a 24lb 12oz mirror
    what a night fishing"
  4. Island Lake - Another Winter Twenty

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    A second 'twenty' was caught from Island Lake at the weekend by Grant who tempted this 21lb 9oz mirror, which again is a different fish.

    "I was fishing in open water from the point just as I started to

    retreat to my bivvy for some sleep my alarm woke up and screamed off after
    a nice battle I landed this beauty at 21lb 9oz
    I was fishing a blowback rig with Landing baits IS1 tipped with pop up"

    21lb 9oz 231212