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T1 Waiting List - Terms and Conditions

  1. Theale Fisheries reserves the right to refuse addition to the T1 waiting list of any individual at its absolute discretion. If any individual is refused after payment of the fee this will be refunded via the paypal payment gateway.
  2. Acceptance onto the T1 waiting list and appropriate fee payment infers 'no rights' whatsoever to fish or enter onto Theale Fisheries property.
  3. T1 syndicate memberships are offered annually after existing membership renewals, usually in March / April. The number of places is entirely dependent on membership turnover and no guarantees whatsoever are given as to membership availability. Memberships are offered in date order of which registration of details and fee payment was submitted.
  4. When any individual is offered a membership the waiting list fee will be deducted from the joining fees. If the individual contacted declines the offer or does not respond their details will be removed from the waiting list and no refund of the fee shall be payable by Theale Fisheries.
  5. Should any individual choose to remove their name from the T1 waiting list for any reason no refund of the fee shall be payable by Theale Fisheries.
  6. It is entirely the responsibility of the individual to ensure their contact details are current and correct and must notify Theale Fisheries immediately of any changes to email and phone numbers so records can be updated. Theale Fisheries accepts no liability whatsoever for 'inability' to contact individuals due to 'un-notified' changes of details. Email is the primary contact method used by Theale Fisheries and it is the responsibility of the individual to ensure they allow email  messages from Theale Fisheries or check their junk mail box.


By registering your details on the T1 waiting list and paying the appropriate fee you are acknowledging and accepting these waiting list terms and conditions.

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