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Theale 1

Theale 1 is a mature 20 acre gravel pit nestled between the River Kennet and the Woolwich Green Stream and after years of neglect is being developed as a new carp syndicate lake.


We have now stocked 315 of our own stunning hand selected English fish, mostly mirrors with a few exceptional commons; these are all young growing fish with a proven track record. Most were doubles with no fish below 8lb stocked and the first of these have already passed the 30lb mark with many fish showing average yearly weight gains of 4lb+. For more information on them see the Carp Stocks page, all the stockies can be viewed on the Theale 1 Stockies page and a few of those that have already been out as "Twenties" are featured below. More of them can be seen on the Theale 1 'stocked fish' page.


Tree work to remove the dead & dying Willow and Alder is almost complete, along with significant ‘snag removal’ of fallen trees from the lake; this has allowed good regeneration of the shaded out reed fringe and the development of the smaller trees such as Hawthorn, Spindle, Hazel and Field Maple. Additional planting of these smaller trees has started with 175 Hazel, Field Maple and Hawthorn added and with more planned for the coming years.

Another major development is that the lake has now been completely and securely 'otter fenced' to protect the fish from this threat into the future. Security gates also protect the bridge approach on the stream side.

fence 2 fence fence5 20170110_090712

The hard path that now runs down the stream side is due to be extended to the snags area and swim fronts and steps are currently being constructed along the high bank.

The main body of the lake itself is weedy with plenty of natural food and this is bourne out by the significant growth rates of the stockies so far. There is a crayfish population to contend with but hopefully the continual trapping programme will show benefits in the coming months; 2017 saw the removal of 885kg or an estimated 21,000 crayfish.

The lake has many underwater features with bars and humps, a central channel, a drop off towards the Eastern end and beyond the reed bed spit at the Western end is a snaggy back arm area with an 'everglades' feel.      

The exact number of 'originals' is still unknown but the five most commonly caught 'thirties' are pictured below. The ‘pig’ which has been out at 42lb 10oz has not been seen for several years now but there are several other mirrors in the low to mid ' twenties' and a few of the old double figure 'cricket bat' commons. These can be seen on the Theale 1 'originals' page; however the future is all about the 'stocked' fish.



Theale 1 is also an excellent tench water with numerous fish in the 5-8lb range with several 9’s and 10's and the largest reported to date being 12lb 6oz. Bream to 14 lb 10oz and pike to 21lb have also been caught.


More information about the T1 Syndicate can be found HERE.


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