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Tench, Bream, Pike....

Like many carp fisheries the lakes are also home to other species and Theale 1 has always been renoun as a prolific big tench water. This is still the case with large numbers of 'upper  singles' and some 'doubles' with a recent venue best of 12lb 6oz

Theale 1 has also produced bream to 14lb 10oz, pike to 21lb and perch to 2lb 8oz.

Theale 2 has a larger head of bream to 14lb 1oz and fewer tench to 9lb 8oz as well as roach to 1lb 8oz.

The main species 'venue bests' are below and we are always interested in hearing from you so please report any catches here.

                                        Theale 1                                Theale 2                       Island Lake

Mirror Carp          42lb 10oz     08/05/13          41lb 12oz     30/04/17         30lb             07/05/16

Common Carp     33lb 4oz       06/05/16          24lb 4oz     02/05/15         22lb 6oz     22/04/17

Tench                    12lb 6oz        30/03/14           9lb 8oz     18/06/14          8lb 13oz     18/06/13

Bream                   14lb 10oz      03/05/14         14lb 1oz     06/04/14         11lb             05/10/13

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