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Wildlife at Theale Fisheries

For many of us the surroundings in which we fish are an important part of the overall experience. Here at Theale Fisheries we will have a continual programme of ongoing maintenance and development to enhance the fishery site for the benefit our visiting anglers, undertaken with respect for the inhabiting wildlife.


To ensure that the fishery site is maintained to the highest standards all visitors are requested to observe our site rules which are there for the protection of both the anglers and the fishery environment.

We are compiling lists of birds and wildlife found on, or visiting, the site to help us manage the environment accordingly so please tell us what you have seen; especially if it is not already listed below.

Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy fishing with us.



Common Name   Common Name
Kingfisher   Rabbit
Grey Heron   Muntjac Deer
Cormorant   Fox
Canada Goose   Common Toad
Greylag Goose   Grey Squirrel
Coot   Pigmy Shrew
Long Tail Tit   Brown Rat
Wren   Mouse
Magpie   Roe Deer
Jay   Weasel
Mallard Duck   Mole
Great Crested Grebe   Field Vole
Blue Tit   Mink
Pheasant   Stoat
Barn Owl   Grass Snake
Mute Swan    Fallow deer
Tree Creeper    Badger
Tawny Owl    
Tufted Duck    
Greater Spotted Woodpecker    


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